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MOPS is in Russia

MOPS service started in 1999 due to the earnest and tireless sister in Christ Valentina Karchaskina. She was the coordinator of the women’s service in East-West mission. Valentina realized that MOPS service brought a great blessing to lots of women all over the world and also to their families and local churches. Therefore she was filled with need to many mothers in Russia who were exhausted by everyday life and who were in need of support and God’s light. Though she is not a mother of preschoolers for a long time.

She offered this service to sisters who cooperated with East-West mission. After that the first MOPS groups in Russia started in Tver, Torsok, Pechora and Tolyatty.

In February 2001 there was the first MOPS Conference in Kirov, Russia. There were 25 leaders from different cities of Russia who guided MOPS groups or who wanted to start this service in their local churches.

MOPS service was constantly growing. New groups were opened in different regions, cities and even towns of Russia. The information about this service was spreading already through the working groups and seminars for leaders. Every year All-Russian Conferences take place so that we can cover different regions. Such conferences were held in Moscow, Kirov, Ekaterinburg, Samara, St. Petersburg.

There are 49 MOPS groups in the cities of the European part of Russia, in Urals, in Siberia and in the Far East. These groups unite over 200 mothers and 300 preschoolers. There are All-Russian and Regional Conferences every year, teaching for leaders and visiting working groups for the purpose of support and finding out of new work directions.

More than 200 Russian women heard the Gospel due to the MOPS service. 30 of them accepted Christ and joined the Church (were baptized). 50 unbelieving women are still attending MOPS groups. They are learning about God’s love and His salvation.

One of the most important aim of MOPS service is evangelization of children. Kids have an opportunity to hear the Good News from the very beginning of the life. Also they grow in atmosphere of God’s love and kindness. Apparently it is a good influence on their future lives. Though kids rarely accept Christ but some of them (especially at the age of 5) invited Jesus in their lives and became the children of God.

Participation of women in MOPS groups has a salutary influence on their families, on the relationships between spouses. All these encourage some unbelieving husbands to accept Christ and build heart and home by Heavenly example.

Tenths of unbelieving husbands started to come nearer to God after their wives. Many of them have already repented and were baptized. Some stopped drinking.

Raising a social status of a woman as a mother and declaring the importance of maternity MOPS service helps women to make right decisions in point of family planning. Together with Against Abortion service it encourages women to refuse abortions and to accept their babies as God’s gifts. 9 women came to MOPS groups with babies saved from abortion. There was one woman who changed her mind and took back her new-born daughter from the orphanage.

MOPS service makes it possible to support different social organizations, such as  committees of large families, rehabilitation centers for disabled children, social services that work with single mothers. These people are weakly protected socially that’s why they especially need help and the Good News. They need to know that God loves them and He prepared an overflowing life for them. This direction reflects the words of Jesus Christ:”Those who are healthy don’t need a doctor. Sick people do.” And also: “Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the town. Bring in those are poor. And also bring those who can’t walk, the blind and the disabled.” These women need God’s grace very much. Sometimes working with them is difficult because they are treated badly by other people.

Owing to collaboration with these organizations 6 women came to MOPS groups. Some of them have already accepted Christ, the others are still going to Him.

MOPS service is integrated with other social and church programs: Against Abortion Service, AWANA, evangelization of children, Sunday school, social service for people with low income and for large families. It helps us to be in the unity with other brothers and sisters in fulfillment of the Great Mission of Jesus Christ.

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